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President’s Message

Students today are in a rapidly changing environment where the arts and science courses are becoming popular as a better choice to fetch a decent career. To excel in the interviews the students need first rate education with ICT facilities at moderate and almost no costs. Our father and Founder Presidents intention is that the Institution should ignite young minds deprived of education in this under developed area and light their homes and the Nation. The management is keen in preserving the cause. The teachers are appointed on the basis of merit and qualifications. I welcome the new comers to this Institution and request them to use the infrastructure and the faculties effectively and attain greater heights.

Vice President’s Message

This institution was started by my father to impart excellent education to the deprived of this area who were not in a position to send their wards to higher education to distant places. For the last forty three years the Institution has served its purpose and transformed this underdeveloped area in to a knowledge hub of the district and the Nation. Our Alumnae’s are spread all over the world and maintaining the reputation of the college. The vision of our father is being fulfilled by our Management and I wish that the new comers to this Institution should excel in both curricular and extracurricular activities and live as a worthy citizen of the country. I pray the almighty to bless all the students, staff and alumnae’s.

Treasurer’s Message 

This institution imparts higher education to the poor people of this area almost free of cost. The students should utilize this opportunity, enrich their knowledge and share them to the Nation. I wish the environment should flourish with more and more student beneficiaries who successfully light up their homes and the Nation.

From the Principals Desk

This college was started in the year 1970 by our beloved founder O.RM. M.SP. SV. AN. Annamalai chettiar with a hope to transform this region depleted with higher education institution to a   knowledge pool  and enable poor students to pursue higher education. In the last few years the college is modernized with new office building, improved laboratory and library resources. More endowments are created and students awarded with many endowment prizes. The academic and extra -curricular activities offers wide choice for students to enhance their learning experiences. Faculties of eminence are working to groom the students. Presently to study in our Institution is considered a prestige. International, national Universities extend collaborations. Ample opportunities have been created for the students and staff. 

Our College aims to provide its UG and PG students an opportunity to interact in research environment. It also aims to impart additional skills and opportunity to do add on courses enriching their placement opportunities and knowledge. It aims to build a lifelong relationship with its alumni’s, nurturing their interactions with staff and creating a platform for their interactions, and philanthropic activities. It will seek to draw on the expertise of alumni’s to grow opportunities for current students and staff by fostering mentoring and other links. The Institution is heading for greater leaps and the NAAC has granted B grade with CGPA 2.6/4.0 for its feats. I heartily wish that the students, staff and the Management will put their endeavour together and enhance its reputations and traditions. The new comers are assured of an wonderful educational atmosphere and experience in this campus with the twin blessings of almighty and our great founder O.RM. M.SP. SV. Annamalai Chettier.